In 2067, a fragile world teeters on the edge of a great collapse. Riddled by the plague, unrelenting crime, and corrupt governments, mankind has fully immersed itself in AI technology relying so heavily upon it for safety and security that it lost its ability to protect itself. And in this world where "bots do everything better," man has found himself obsolete. With no service to provide, he prefers to sleep and dream than face the grim reality of his shattered race.

The sleeping ones seek solace in a cheap, potent, and plentiful designer drug called, Death Candy, manufactured, sold, and distributed by a ruthless street gang called the Gutter Punks. Their powerful leader, Hadji "Cobra" Cisse, a genetically modified human-- part tiger and part cobra-- controls this legion of fallen men with his eloquent rhetoric, his occult knowledge, and his supernatural brand, the Demon's Mark.

Hidden under the cities in The Shadowlands, they patiently wait till their prophetic Judgement Day when they will emerge from the darkness and rule for a thousand years. As they bide their time, the vigilante group, The Broken Ones, comprised of misfits and monsters and led by a mysterious masked woman, still holds out hope for humanity and fights to restore their rightful place on the earth.

”The ground shook from an overhead bullet train and the subway racing underneath. The city was always active in the morning and deadly calm at night. He liked the sunrise. It was his favorite time of day, before the world had opened its crazy eyes. A moment of sanity, before the daily run of terror. Criminals and killers were never morning people, and it was the only time that he truly felt safe."

Excerpt from Blockchain Gang
April Scott, Author

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